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Output: ~2kw-~3.5kw

Footprint: ~36"/side - square

Closed Height: ~105"

Open Hieght: ~ 170"


Output: ~3.5kw-~7.5kw

Footprint: ~56"/side - square

Closed Height: ~105"

Open Hieght: ~ 170+"


Output: ~8kw-~15kw

Footprint: ~85"/side - square

Closed Height: ~120+"

Open Height: ~240+"

 All values subject to change.   Dependent on PV panel type, configuration and options specification.


(Prices coming soon)

Hydraulic Stabilizing Outriggers: Giant outriggers enable temporal and location flexibility. Outdoor rock concerts in the middle of nowhere for a weekend?  Not a problem.  Sloped hillside?  Not a problem.  Pics coming soon!

Flexible Unfurling: Arms raise at a constant rate and in unison in default mode: ideal for open areas with few obstructions.  Optional independent arm raising allows for more challenging sites where unfurling needs to be precisely controlled to avoid obstacles like car ports, roof lines or vegetation.

Folding Panels Hardware: Home grown folding technology (origami inspired) allow expanded capacity on a given tree: You can grow with your tree.

Tamper proof hardware:  When malfeasance is a concern, tamper proof fasteners can make the difference between an operational system and a non-functioning skeleton of a system.

Corrosive Protection I:  Coast effective light duty corrosion protection takes the form of zinc plating and galvanizing.  

Corrosive Protection II:  Heavy duty corrosion protection takes the form of 308/316 stainless construction. 

Temperature Options:  Hot or cold environments place special demands on equipment.  Fans and vents provide cooling air circulation.  Heaters maintain minimum temps needed for some batteries but also affects system 'available energy' computations and autonomy calculations. 

Weather Proofing:  All trees provide exceptional weather proofing by default so equipment within stays dry and clean even in blowing sand/grit environments.

Bird Friendly:  Our trees are bird friendly and that's something to crow about.  Birds love to perch and they seem unusually attracted to our trees.  Unfortunately, this can lead to soiling of panels so we created a bird perch option on the highest panel (the north panel in the northern hemisphere) that is above and beyond the high edge.  Birds prefer that perch to the panel itself: problem solved for you and our feathered friends.   We'd tweet about this but we don't have (nor do we want) an account.  See the inspiration here.

Graphical User Interface (GUI):  Fully cognizant of the increasing threat of hacking and malware and that a half-baked IoT solution can be worse than none at all, we've opted, at least initially, to err on the side of caution.  Smart-phone control via bluetooth is one of three accepted means of control.  The second is via a small terminal internal to the tree and the third is an array of simple controls hardwired to the controller that perform the basic functions of the tree.   Sensors around the tree provide automatic, real time evasive action data and capability for the purposes of countering approaching bad weather.    In the future and after sufficient safeguards are coded up, we endeavor to compliment this with web based weather data.  GUI pics coming soon.

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