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Reserving Your Tree  Use the form below to contact us.  Tell us about your application.

Change is good!  This site is under construction.  It will change often.   Machine capabilities are subject to change.  Don't assume (you know what they say about assume), check back and confirm.

Manufacturing & Delivery: We custom make your robot by hand - for now.  Therefore our delivery times are long-ish.  We hope you understand and ask for your patience because we're trying to create something bigger than ourselves.  As we ramp up, we will increase automation to decrease manufacturing and delivery times as well as cost.

Pricing: Contact us for pricing.  Initially we'll ask for 50% up-front which is refundable until we order and purchase materials and components for your robot.  You'll be given ample opportunity to review every step of the way.

Questions, Feedback:   We have thick skins - let us know how we can do better.   Shoot us any questions you might have via the 'contact us' form - we'll try and get back to you ASAP.

Beta Program:   We have a Beta program.  Reduced cost in exchange for User Experience (UX) feedback.

American Made:   We strive to source from American companies that make products made in America with American labor - but it isn't always possible.  Think your company has a widget that we can use?  Drop us a line.

Equipment Spec:   Have equipment vendors you want to use in your robot?  We can generally accommodate your wishes.

Privacy:   We won't sell your data or otherwise use it for unsavory purposes.  We'll keep it in electronic form only while we exchange in commerce.  After that and with you're permission, we will transfer your data to the leading edge security platform that is impervious to hacking: it's called paper.  We're mixed on the idea of newsletters and such - things that clog up your inbox.  E-commerce gurus will tout their necessity but we can't think of any instance where we've purchased something because we got a newsletter.  Have a strong opinion on this?  Drop us a line.

Phones:   We prefer e-mail.  It helps us keep our costs down if we don't have to hire a person to 'man the phones'.

Social Media:   We eschew social media for the simple fact that we feel they are unethical companies and we don't work that way - not even in the name of profit.  

Skills:   We're looking for people who believe in renewable energy and can wear different hats; versed in different skills as it were.   Can you weld and know what polymorphism or an abstract class is?  Know how to run a waterjet or a Bridgeport and do CAD or web design?  Drive a truck or forklift and wire up a 240v service or perhaps create a bitchin power point or spread sheet?   Can you repair the machines you use?   Are extempore fixes up your alley and can you clearly communicate?  Are you driven by principles?  Drop us a line if you think you're extraordinary.

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