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How are's solar robots different?

Survivability.  As the climate crisis accelerates and worsens,'s robots can meet the challenges.  Our prototypes have already survived tropical storms and hurricanes with only scrapes and scratches.  Even without our intelligent shapeshifting ability, our trees are built like tanks and able to take a beating.


The first hurricane test approaches our secret testing location.  This hurricane turned out to be a Category 1.  Sustained winds were measured to be 77 mph (124 kph).

Aesthetically configurable.  Through the use of custom facades the look or your robot can be customized to blend with existing architecture, foliage, convey values or deliver a message. 

Reduced Soft Costs. Soft costs increase the cost of a traditional solar system far beyond the cost of the panels, cables and equipment.  In fact soft costs such as permit fees and installation labor are about 65% of the total cost of a traditional system.  Our robot significantly reduces soft costs because it's made in a factory where labor costs, materials and assembly processes can be efficiently managed, streamlined and automated.  Additionally, other efficiencies like our installation and transportation methodologies enable further reduction in soft costs.

soft costs breakdown.png

Soft costs breakdown.  Source: US Department Of Energy.

Equipment Agnostic/Future Proof.  Our robot can accommodate just about any type of equipment and PV panel you can think of - and from any manufacturer so you'll not be beholden to any single supplier.  So whether it's battery banks, inverters, electric vehicle chargers, electolyzers or communications equipment for developing countries, our spacious interior can probably house it.  Of course we can't claim it will 'always' do this or that but we've gone the extra mile to add maximum flexibility to make sure you can use the equipment you want - now and in the future.

Turn-key & Value.  Our solar robot arrives at your site ready to work.  It is pre-assembled and pre-tested: just set it down, connect it and turn it on.  Because 2-axis tracking is standard, you can expect 15-40% increase in efficiency over fixed tilt arrays - that's value you can bank on. Our robot can be stabilized and anchored with bolts on a concrete pad, ground screws or optional hydraulic stabilizing outriggers.  We recognize the earth isn't flat so our tree works well on undulating and sloped terrain.

Space Efficient.   The solar robot towers above obstructions that would normally get between your PV panels and incoming photons meaning your siting options increase considerably.   The ground footprint is small but because the mast rises and the PV panels unfurl like an umbrella, the business end can get to those photons without having to cut down your favorite small trees and shrubs or move structures/vehicles or alter roof lines.   Not insignificantly, the space under many arrays is wasted but with our robot you can put that shade to good use parking your car under it or perhaps a lounge area for yourself and the pooches (yeah, we're dog people).


Meet Tesla and Daisy, our Shiloh Shepherds.

Transport.  The form factor of our small and medium size robots allow them to be transported in standard 53', 105-110" height tractor trailers, flat beds and low-boys and that helps keep shipping costs to a minimum (another soft cost). 

Ease Of Use.  We don't need more complexity in our lives so we made our solar robot easy to set-up and use.  It's slightly more complex than a garage door opener but less than a cell phone (our opinion).  In areas of the world where skills are in short supply, this can be a game changer.   Our robot needs only the date and time and latitude and longitude to function anywhere in the world.

Environment Specific.    Hot dry climates are different from windy sea side environments are different from hot or cold humid climates so we won't force a one-size-fits-all philosophy on our customers.  We offer corrosion resistance from galvanizing and zinc plating all the way up to 308/316 stainless.  We offer heating and cooling and sand traps to keep out grit.  We offer tamper proof hardware where malfeasance may be an issue and we offer stabilizing outriggers for uneven or sloped terrain.  Check out the bird perch option!

Solid And Built To Last.  These robots are heavy - as you would expect from a 'Optimus Prime Transformer-like' machine.  You'll need a forklift or crane to move them (you can also roll them).  Because it is heavy, it is not easily  purloined but it is nevertheless transportable with the right equipment and this makes it especially amenable to PAYGO (Pay As You Go) systems popular in Africa.

Soulr's transformer-like robot.jpg
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