Hurricanes, Super storms and mother nature

Take a  world map and some high lighters and go to town marking all the areas with the potential for some really nasty weather and you end up with a very colorful map - like a 6 year old had a fun time with it.  Now consider that these colorful areas are in for a world of hurt as climate change gets worse and lets not forget the fact that solar energy has poor penetration in many of these areas precisely  because of the harshness of the weather and the fragility of classic solar installations.   Then the light bulb goes off.  It becomes fairly obvious that if we're to extricate ourselves from this mess called anthropogenic climate change, we're going to need renewable energy that can survive in places where you traditionally don't find it: on that colored line that goes right through your house.



A casual accounting of the news is proof of the increasing frequency of man-made and weather related disasters.  One of the hard questions in such circumstances is; How to get life saving power to hospitals, senior centers and the vulnerable/disadvantaged when they're surrounded by water, destruction and maybe even a war zone?  If it is weather related there is more than a good chance the generators are underwater or perhaps they've long since run out of fuel and are unable to get more because of downed power lines and trees. Man made disasters on the other hand don't necessarily happen near the grid or have any infrastructure at all.  But a rugged, compact solar renewable energy tree, airlifted to the top of the building, neighborhood or refugee camp could supply emergency power and help save lives.


Ugly Duckling

I am a tree called Soulr...

Arriving Q1/Q2


2.05 Kw SMALL sized off-grid tree sufficient for a modest house, vacation home or cabin.

I was made for the harshest environments on this planet...and possibly others. I am part robot, a machine for sure, but I take my design inspiration from the natural world; flora and biomimicry.   Some say I'm intelligent.  Others call me a microgrid.  I can change my shape, my form factor to protect myself when the worst approaches: I fold in my arms and hunker down to wait out the storm and reopen when the danger has passed.  I'm easy on the eyes; aesthetically pleasing if you like.  Like a chameleon I can adapt and blend into my surroundings or existing architecture by accepting configurable façades.  Customize me, make me your own.  I transplant well.  Set me down and I'm operational and generating clean sustainable power in minutes.  I was born and created in the USA and built to last.  

I am a tree called Soulr...

  • This robot machine, what calls a 'tree' is a ruggedized, shape-shifting, autonomous solar power system for your home, business or community.

  • It comes in different sizes to power your life, your car or whatever the future may bring.

  • It is aesthetically configurable.  It accepts facades to change its appearance; to blend into its surroundings, environment or architecture or to send a message or advertisement.

  • It is environmentally aware and able to change its shape in the face of dangerous conditions to aid in its self-preservation.  Like an umbrella, it can be closed to survive dangerous weather and then open when the danger has passed.  The ability to configure into a small form factor facilitates economical shipping.

  • The tree arrives complete and ready to install.

  • Equipment agnosticism means we work with most panels and equipment.

  • Circular economy design and right to repair principles were major influences during development.

  • Easy to use